GoPro Hero 9 Black Quick Review

That’s out of the way let’s get started by talking about the build quality and the design of the GoPro hero 9 black.

Section of GoPro Hero 9-

On the left, you have the Power button and the mode control. At the top, you have the shutter release as well as the video recording button in the front you have the LCD screen to see your settings as well as your viewfinder and battery, at the back you have the touchscreen LCD where you control all the setting from and take a look at your screen from. The screen is nice and bright.

You also have the battery compartment that’s easy to open up and flop open where the battery fits in as well as having these micro SD card slots there as well as the type c for charging present all in the same place.

what we did like about this camera-

At the bottom is probably my favorite thing about the design, the way the mounting port comes out so you can attach it to different. Port options whether that’s on a stick or a head mount it’s very simple and it lies flush.

When you do close it so you can mount it anywhere you want at any time without having to carry external cases with that bulkiness of the mount, So, it has a nice flat bottom speaking of the mounting ports we got the bundle pack for this which includes everything you would need.

You also get the clamp mount which is a magnetic type c charger, an external extra battery as well as the floaty hand old pole thing, a sticker for 3m as well as two quick-release plates to mount at any time. As well as a free SD card with 32 gigs from SanDisk.


Let’s talk about the controls and the navigation on the GoPro hero 9 black. When you turn it on by holding the power button you get the GoPro animation in the front. The back LCD will light up where pretty you can interact with it and turn on and off settings viewer viewfinder everything you need right there at the back. It’s capable of going up to 4k in 60 fps. You have different options with this now like the horizon control.


It maintains the horizon no matter how you rotate the camera as you can see the back always stays straight no matter. What angle I’m going at very cool stuff more on this later. If you swipe across the screen from left to right from photo video to time-lapse, swiping up from the bottom releases your gallery.

Is it provides good quality video?

Where you can pretty much navigate very easily and play back different footage. Let’s get to potentially the most important thing on this which is the video quality. The video on this however can go up to 5k at 30 fps. Which is insane but we’re going to be showing you the 1080p footage,

This is the ungraded footage that’s the graded footage and I’m going to talk about this a little bit more. If you want one of the best settings that we found these are the best settings to get the max quality out of your GoPro without it looking cheap and pretty much,

On this and to get it to match your footage better so as you can see without the color grade and with the color grid. It can fit into pretty much any video you’re shooting and match any camera you have with that subtle color grade. Now, this is the default look that the GoPro will come with high sharpness.

Camera Section of GoPro Hero 9 black-

You get 20-megapixel stills out of this that’s super wide. That is the white and then you have the narrow. The quality is very comparable to smartphones, the HDR control is very nice. As well indoors it struggles a little bit but not as much here’s a quick little behind screenshot as well.

Lastly, one of the biggest pros I think is stabilization and horizon tilt control. Especially when I was skating and I was tilting the camera up and down to get a point of view of what was in front of me as well as what was below me.

GoPro hero 9 black

So, let’s not talk about this, but overall if you’re talking about the GoPro hero 4, 5, 6, or even the 7, it’s a considerable upgrade to move on to the 9 and I would recommend moving on to d9.

The way the microphone works and the sound quality on this the way the field of view can be changed to narrower to wide to get a nicer clearer image with the HDR and the sound together you can pretty much use this as a blogging camera, and the fact that it’s weather sealed and everything just makes it so much more desirable.

This is the short review of this product. Hope you enjoy it.


What is the GoPro Hero 9 Black?

The GoPro Hero 9 Black is a high-end action camera designed for capturing photos and videos in extreme environments.

What are the main features of the GoPro Hero 9 Black?

The Hero 9 Black features a 5K camera, 20MP photos, HyperSmooth 3.0 stabilization, TimeWarp 3.0, and a front-facing display for easy framing.

What is HyperSmooth 3.0?

HyperSmooth 3.0 is GoPro’s advanced image stabilization technology that helps to smooth out shaky footage, making it look more professional.

Can the GoPro Hero 9 Black shoot 4K video?

Yes, the Hero 9 Black can shoot up to 5K video at 30fps, 4K video at up to 60fps, and 1080p video at up to 240fps.

Does the GoPro Hero 9 Black have voice control?

Yes, the Hero 9 Black has voice control and can understand 14 different voice commands.

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