Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro Quick Review.


Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro price is $1,449.99. Samsung Galaxy book 3 Pro might have a bit of a clunky name, but it comes in 14 or 16 inch flavors it boasts the latest super nippy 30th gen Intel Core processor, you got a pant-droopingly gorgeous 3K display and Swagger worthy premium specs, all wrapped up in a skinny Wii for him.

Now this irregular version of the Samsung Galaxy book 3 Pro will set you back 1,349 of your British puns, at least it costs from that so it’ll be even more expensive. If you fancy chucking in a few upgrades. And if you want to get the Fancy Pants 360-degree fold and hinge well, that just allows you to bend the screen all the way back. So you can basically transform the galaxy book 3 Pro into a massive off tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro


So let’s start with the design and Samsung hasn’t exactly gone wild and crazy for the Galaxy book 3 Pro, from the top to the bottom it looks very similar to the previous generation very smart simple Sleek design. I guess similar mentality to Apple with its MacBook laptops. You got something that works don’t bugger about with it.

This right here is the 16-inch version of the galaxy book 3 Pro. You can’t grab it in 14 inches, if you prefer something a bit more compact this version right here just 12.5 millimeters thick, which is kind of Bonkers for something this size. Of course you will still actually need a decent sized backpack to Lug this thing around, but as you can see they’re very skinny bezels surrounding that Mighty 16 inch display.


So at least there’s no wasted space here and Samsung is offering a choice of two colors with this laptop either graphite or Bish either way thrilling stuff. I’m sure you’ll agree unfortunately that lid is a bit of a magnet when it comes to fingerprints and greasy Grime.

The Pro 3 model then that screen would bend all the way back. So you could prop it up in tent mode or just turn it into a tablet. But here on the regular galaxy book 3 Pro that’s as far as it goes which is pretty decent, I’ve had another trouble finding a view and angle that works even when I’m out and about as for the ports here on the galaxy book 3 Pro well over here on the right Edge.

You’ve got a type a USB 3.2 connection and also a Micro SD memory card slot, but the other side is where all the action lies not only do you have an HDMI port on there. But you’ve got dual Thunderbolt four ports. So for a 16-inch laptop, I wouldn’t call it a comprehensive set of ports, but certainly for something this skinny you can’t really complain.


let’s dive on into the galaxy book 3 Pro and you actually have a fingerprint sensor built it into that power button. So you can bypass pins and passwords and all that Shenanigans. and so certainly no complaints there after a few days of use it hasn’t filled me yet even my fingers are a bit grubby or wet. It’s your typical Windows 11 Pro setup on here, but Samsung has chucked on a few Bonus Apps and services. So for instance you’ve got the Galaxy book experience.

All kinds of features and tools that Galaxy smartphone fans will be acquainted with, such as the Bixby assistant, which we adore. The smart things for controlling all of your smart home goodies you’ve got a screen recording on their device care good for backing up your files and keeping the galaxy book 3 Pro running smoothly. If you do on other Samsung devices like smartphones and tablets well first of all you’re probably pretty well off so good for you.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro

second of

all they all connect seamlessly with the laptop. So you can use for instance a tablet as a second screen. Now as I mentioned before you’ve got a choice of 14 or 16 inch models here on the galaxy book 3 Pro and either way you’re getting one of Samsung’s gorgeous Dynamic AMOLED displays.

And It’s an absolutely cracking screen Boston a 3K resume solution 2880 by 1800s are sharper than many rivals. So if you are editing a high-res photo for instance you’ll find it’s obviously packed with fine details. It’s a 16 by 10 aspect ratio, so well suited to the likes of creative tasks and web browsing. 

You got Visa display HDR 500 certifications or when you’re enjoying supposed content nice crisp contrast, gorgeous poppy colors as well and this panel tops off at 120 hertz refresh. That screen does have a glossy finish it’s not anti-reflective unfortunately but thankfully. If you boost the brightness all the way up that does tend to counter more stick glare and as you can see there viewing Angeles are nice and wide and no worries.

The galaxy book 3 Pro has a quad AKG speaker setup with dual 2 watt tweeters and dual 5 watt woofers, and it’s an absolute Banger yeah for something so skinny this thing pumps out some serious audio. My daughter just brought home her first recording this week and has been practicing Non-Stop, and even with all that racket going on, even with all that noise going on, you can still enjoy a bit of YouTube or Netflix or whatever else.


Now if you were grabbing yourself the 360 model of the Samsung Galaxy book 3 Pro well. This would come with a touch screen, and you also get one of Samsung’s S Pen Styluses Bund in there as well for editing documents or just getting a bit sketchy or whatever obviously you don’t have that on the non 360 model.

These things aren’t touch sensitive but as you can see there, the touchpad is an absolute freaking Whopper it’s possibly the biggest touchpad I’ve ever seen on a laptop, but I gonna say unfortunately I do not get on with it very well at all. I’m and the sensitivity is just a little bit off sometimes

That is going to be sorted in an update, thankfully I have such complaints when it comes to that rather lovely keyboard. Samsung has slapped a full-size chiclet keyboard onto the galaxy book 3 Pro complete with a decent sized number pad here on the right hand side.

The cursor keys and a double raw Enter key are also there, and the keys are all of a good size and spacing. Thankfully, the keyboard has three different levels of backlighting so you can adjust the brightness to your preference. It also has cuddly keys. The ball itself is please easily firm across the entire area and yes that key travel is rather shallow but thankfully that doesn’t impact the Comfort levels.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro


Fantastic experience with touch typing One further benefit of the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro that I could think of is the full HD 1080p camera that is located just above the display. So it’s a bit sharper than your typical 720p webcams. Which you find on a lot of laptops, although they are starting to upgrade now to full HD, and absolutely bugger all complaints with the picture quality or anything as well and come through nice and sharp on all my web chats video Shenanigans seems to deal well with HDR style situations as well. and as you can see they’re a nice wide view and angle too. So it doesn’t matter.


Another area in which the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro shines is performance, that is supported by one of Intel’s newest 13th generation core chipsets. My review model sports an 8 Core i5 1340p processor, but you can upgrade to a core i7 1360p if you want. This processor is supported by either 16 gigabytes of RAM (I have 16 gigabytes), which is disappointing because you don’t get a dedicated GPU.

If you do want a bit of NVidia GeForce action you will have to upgrade to the galaxy book 3 Ultra instead, but with Intel’s XE integrated Graphics lineup say no problem editing photos on the fly on this thing and you can do some very light gaming as well, but don’t expect to be running unchanged on the highest detail settings. And any business users should be certainly satisfied with the grunt from the galaxy book 3 Pro.

Extra features-

You’ve got enough power to run all of your office apps you can do some multitasking side by side. You can run dozens of Chrome tabs simultaneously without experiencing any lag, and if you enjoy a little benchmarking, the Galaxy Book 3 Pro scored a respectable 1438 in Cross Mark, which is comparable to some 13th generation Core i5 laptops.

It also received some encouraging results from a silly bench that was released 23, as you can see, they’re just over 11,000 for the multi-core and single core 1713. As for storage options, the Galaxy Bug 3 Pro’s Reg regular model offers.

You can double those options, however on the 360 model and while there’s no built-in Ethernet here you do have Wi-Fi 6E support and I’ve certainly not struggled. When it comes to the internet connectivity as for the battery life well again pretty solid here on the galaxy book 3 Pro, I found I could stream roughly seven hours of video on a full charge that’s with the screen brightness pretty high and that volume cranked all the way up as you can expect similar sort of returns from that battery.

The Samsung Galaxy book 3 Pro is there in a wonderful little nutshell whether you’re just browsing the web or utilizing odd office software for general mixed usage. So that’s all for today.

Thanks, Hope you enjoy it.

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